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James Cropper, one of the world’s most innovative papermakers, has partnered with French, family-owned Champagne maker, Rogge-Cereser and French packaging producer, L’Agence Le Sanglier, to create an industry leading example of eco-design in the luxury drinks market.

Using paper from the Rydal Packaging Collection, which unites beauty and sustainability, the minimalist design of the Rogge-Cereser champagne box infuses the art of gifting with environmental responsibility.

Chosen for its excellent credentials in lamination, embossing and creasing, the champagne box marks the first time Rydal paper, respectfully produced in the English Lake District, has been used for Champagne packaging.

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To bring the concept to life, the team of packaging professionals at Le Sanglier used their innovative 'Texturflex' technology to add an overall bubbly textured finish to the case, creating a beautiful back-drop to the signature marque of the Champagne house.

The Rogge-Cereser eco-case is fully recyclable, made with 100% natural fibres from a mix of FSC certified sources.  The minimalist design, using a single material, invites the consumer to celebrate those key moments while caring for the environment - and can simply be recycled after use.  

While aligning closely to Le Sanglier’s commitment to sustainability, the producer chose Rydal paper because it embossed and folded beautifully. Designed specifically for packaging, the paper's inherent surface and tensile strength characteristics ensured that it converted without any cracked edging: a key point for Champagne boxes.

Philippe Aertgeets, CEO, Le Sanglier says: “Merging beauty with functionality is something which consumers shopping for luxury products have come to expect. But, as the world continues to have its eyes on sustainability, consumers are insisting that the products they buy are environmentally and socially responsible.  

“This partnership is a fantastic demonstration of how sustainability can play a part in the Champagne market. With its outstanding print performance and converting characteristics, the Rydal collection is the perfect choice for sustainable wine-maker Rogge-Cereser.”

From the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups, to the industry leading incorporation of used jeans into fully recyclable paper for packaging - transforming waste into beautiful paper is at the core of James Cropper’s FibreBlend Upcycled Technology mission.

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Tricia Hartmann, Luxury Packaging Lead at James Cropper comments: “Our Rydal collection is a blend of recovered fibre and fresh fibre from sustainable forestry sources. Delivering beautiful papers and giving a second life to post-consumer waste is a vital step in the life cycle for paper, today and for future generations.

“We’re thrilled to showcase the extraordinary possibilities of fibre, particularly in a luxury market where there has always been debate over whether sustainability means a compromise on aesthetics. As this design shows, it doesn’t. There are innovations and materials out there which can help brands do better and meet the growing consumer demand for better.”

The experts at James Cropper believe that the perfect balance of paper performance, a sustainable story and visual appeal lives in the unique blend of virgin and recovered fibre.

Each and every brief is unique, which is why FibreBlend Upcycled Technology gives every customer the freedom to choose from our range of papers or create something bespoke; either of which talks specifically to its end use and individual storytelling needs.

About James Cropper

James Cropper is a world-class advanced materials and paper products group, with an operational reach in over 50 countries. Using materials from cotton and wood to carbon fibre the business supports industries from packaging to digital imaging and aerospace with products that are at the cutting edge of performance.

James Cropper is a specialist; providing niche solutions such as materials essential for a hydrogen fuel cell, a bespoke colour and texture for a luxury brand’s packaging or moulded fibre alternatives to single use plastics.

James Cropper has a rich heritage at the Burneside mill, the company was established in 1845, and respectfully manufactures on this site, in the foothills of the English Lake District. The business is renowned globally for its dedicated responses to custom projects and its award-winning commitment to the highest standards of sustainability.

The Burneside mill location is the official Head Quarters for James Cropper PLC and all associated businesses.


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