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Nordic Paper explores further improved barriers for packaging

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Nordic Paper is world leading within natural greaseproof papers used in different food applications, for example as baking papers, for baking cups or for food containers. The paper has natural barrier properties achieved without the addition of fluorochemicals, so called PFAS. To further develop these natural barriers and to expand the markets for natural greaseproof papers, Nordic Paper has entered into a two-year cooperation with Centre Technique du Papier, CTP, in France.

2022 07 15 111853Nordic Paper produces and develops natural greaseproof papers for the food industry without addition of fluorochemicals. Barrier properties are important characteristics for these paper grades in order that the grease of the packaged foodstuff does not go through the paper. The initiated cooperation project with CTP focuses on exploring and developing further improved natural grease barriers without addition of fluorochemicals.

  • Our papers are equipped with good and natural barriers for many application areas, but we are eager to push the limits and to increase the grease resistance even further of our products, says Henrik Kjellgren, product manager Natural Greaseproof.

CTP is a leading research institute for the paper industry with a specific competence in treatment of fiber surfaces and in barrier properties. Several laboratory tests will be conducted in the project which is expected to result in valuable information for the continued development work of Nordic Paper regarding further improved barriers. The ambition is to expand the market for greaseproof papers so that the customers of Nordic Paper would be able to produce packaging solutions for food that is currently packaged in plastic or aluminum-based solutions.

  • One example of an application we are looking into is food trays for frozen lasagna where the packaging requires very good barrier properties as the food and its packaging undergoes heating, explains Henrik Kjellgren.

Nordic Paper is already today, with its greaseproof papers, able to offer more sustainable alternatives to packaging manufacturers currently using packaging solutions based on plastics or on materials with added fluorochemicals.

  • We can contribute to the ongoing phasing out of the use of PFAS and to reduce plastics consumption in society. It is important that we take further steps to develop us into neighboring application areas where our papers are currently not present to increase our contribution to a sustainable society, concludes Henrik Kjellgren.

Nordic Paper is a leading specialty paper producer with its base in Scandinavia. We have been manufacturing top-quality kraft papers and natural greaseproof papers since the 19th century. Our products are based on renewable raw material from local forests. From our five paper mills, four in Scandinavia and one in Canada, we supply customers in about 80 countries. Nordic Paper had in 2021 net sales of approximately SEK 3,100m, about 690 employees and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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