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FreeForm Packaging AB launches a one-sided laminate based on 85% paper

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FreeForm Packaging is launching a new, stretchable, paper laminate based on 85% paper. The new laminate is considered to be “one-sided”, which has been highly requested by many brand owners and retailers. Called Standard Paper Out, it does not have the traditional polythene layer on the outside – instead, it has paper. This gives any FreeFormPack® a natural, warm feel. 

FreeForm Packaging produces and sells the world’s first truly formable paper packaging solution, based on stretchable and printable paper-based laminates that you can shape, twist and emboss, along with the unique machines that produce FreeFormPack®. Up until now, FreeForm Packaging has only been able to offer laminates with polythene on both sides to ensure good sealing properties, but this has now changed. A new process enables the packages to be fully sealed and makes it possible to shape them as required. The new laminate still offers good WVTR values, although it is less effective than a double-sided laminate.

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“This is like a dream come true,” says Danevert Åsbrink, CEO of FreeForm Packaging AB. The new laminate allows the FreeFormPack system to produce formable paper packaging that is pleasant to the touch, which customers have been wanting for a very long time. “We have been working hard on this for the last six years, so it feels almost unreal to have finally reached our goal,” adds Danevert.

The FreeFormPack Standard Paper Out laminate has two layers of FibreForm®, and one of its two sides has a thin layer of polyethylene that protects the contents while also protecting the packaging. Considering the increased focus in society on recyclability, the emergence of the new laminate has been perfectly timed.

FreeForm Packaging AB is a Swedish company owned by CURTI (Italy) and BillerudKorsnäs AB (Sweden). With the FreeFormPack® Machine by CURTI and the FreeFormPack® Laminate, based on FibreForm® from BillerudKorsnäs in Sweden, the company offers customers more environmentally sound packaging compared to plastic.

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